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Natural and holistic solutions to address the root cause of your symptoms, and restore complete health and wellness to your body from the inside out.

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(and Cypress, Pepper, and Rosie!)
Natural Health Consultant
Happy Wife
Mother of One
Pet Mom to Three
Medical Student
Avid Medical Researcher
Biochemistry Treatment Specialist

Hello! I’m Dina, a natural health consultant and medical researcher, specializing in the treatment of physical ailments using unique biochemistry treatments. I am a mother to a very sweet and spicy 5 year old daughter, and a pet mom to one German Shepherd and two Holland Lop Bunnies. They all keep me on my toes, and I love it! I will soon be graduating from medical school as a Doctor of Natural Medicine, and will continue my passion for wellness by pursuing my PhD.

My true passion is creating natural solutions for health and wellness, beginning from the inside out. Many of us experience pain and nagging ailments daily, whether they are chronic or simply annoyances. I know – I’ve been there too! We also experience regular stress related to our daily commitments, plus expectations of family, friends, coworkers, and more.

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As a natural health consultant specializing in biochemistry, I have a unique understanding of the body’s complex responses to disease, illness, and stress-related ailments.

My medical studies and comprehensive research have led to my extensive knowledge of how natural remedies, vitamins, herbs, minerals, and proper nutrition must all come together to have a positive impact on the health of the body and mind. The use of biochemistry in treating various physical ailments has been around for 150 years for a good reason! My individualized biochemic remedies will have your body looking and feeling its best by eliminating and naturally treating the root cause of your symptoms.

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